Catfish Feed

SouthFresh is committed to producing the highest quality catfish feed. Our proprietary formula contains Diamond V XPC and Quatem Blue Phytase. Through extensive testing and research we have found Southfresh catfish feed blend shows an improvement in feed efficiency and increased mineral and vitamin utilization leading to an improvement in the health of the fish. We are committed to producing an exceptional product that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Cattle Feed

SouthFresh Feed manufactures beef feed to meet the unique nutritional requirements of cattle. Whether it’s a creep, weaning, or background feed for stocker calves or cattle cubes for brood cows, we have a feed to meet most needs.  SouthFresh strives to manufacture a balanced, nutrient dense feed to deliver protein, energy, minerals and vitamins for optimum performance.

Game Fish

Southfresh extruded feed designed for Bass, Bream, and Crappie with 35% protein and fortified with minerals and vitamins for maximum growth and performance. Sportsmen will appreciate the aggressive feeding behavior of the fish when using this product.  It contains several different sizes of kibbles, with different float characteristics, so you are able to feed your entire pond regardless of fish size or species.

Kentucky Equine Research

A horse feed developed from science and experience. KER feeds unique extrusion process cooks the ingredients increasing the palatability and digestion of the feed. It delivers the odor and flavor that equine love. Formulated to maximize health, attitude and performance of horses, ponies, and mules regardless of age.


SouthFresh deer feed is specifically formulated to meet or exceed the nutritional requirements of whitetail deer.  It is unique from other deer feeds, because the ingredients are extruded. This process cooks the ingredients, improving digestibility.  It is water proof with an attractive scent and is fortified with minerals and vitamins to promote antler development. SouthFresh feed will help your deer meet their full genetic potential.