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A subsidiary of Alabama Farmers Cooperative, SouthFresh Aquaculture is a catfish centered business committed to sustainable aquaculture practices.

Unsurpassed Quality
& Flavor

When our company was founded in 1987, few people realized the true potential of farm raised catfish. In the years since, we’ve learned all catfish are not created equal. Flavor and overall quality comes down to the care and expertise of the people who raise and process the fish. We go to great lengths to find the best people, technology and sustainable practices to source catfish of the highest quality.

Managing The Food Supply

Owning our own feed mill gives us full control to manage and monitor the diet of our catfish thereby assuring that our catfish are given all the nutritious goodness needed for a flavorful, quality product. In addition to catfish feed, we produce feed for alligators, turtles, tilapia, deer, and cattle.

Our Partnership Matters

We manage every aspect of our catfish business. SouthFresh is fully involved with our farmers, introducing them to the latest developments in farm management practices and aquaculture innovations to improve quality and increase production.

Alabama Farmers Cooperative (AFC)

SouthFresh’s parent company AFC is all about the farmer. In addition to  SouthFresh, AFC divisions include: Bonnie Plants, AFC company stores (65 and growing), Currie Gin, a Grain Division, Feed Mills, Bio Logic Feeds, and many other farm related businesses. This cooperative gives us a powerful network of resources that directly impact our company in a productive way.